Botanical Garden (price per person – minimum of 2 people)


Private guided tour visiting Botanical Garden (4 hours) Price = BRL 400,00 per person. Minimum of 2 people is required. Entrance ticket is not included.

Each of the 141 hectares of Rio’s Botanical Gardens shelters outstanding examples of plant life from Brazil and all over the world.

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The Imperial Palms are among its most spectacular attractions, planted in 1809 by Prince Regent D. João VI. The Garden is an excellent leisure spot for everyone who wishes to contemplate nature. The six lakes also contain various species of lotus, papyrus, Água-Pé and Vitória Régia which are worth seeing.

Huge trees decked with orchids contrast with giant victoria-regia, lilies, bromeliads, royal poincianas and tropical foliage.

The Sensory Garden  is the main highlight of the Botanical Garden and is filled with herbal and aromatic plants. There are sign posts in Braille along the alleys, a gurgling fountain and birdsongs that create the perfect tranquil atmosphere for blind visitors.

The Orchidarium this is a greenhouse that was originally built from wood but later renovated with iron and glass in the 1930s. The orchidarium is used as a research center to study the diversity of the orchid family. There are over 2000 species orchids for you to admire, so do stop by on your visit around the Botanical Garden.

The Botanical  Garden is a UNESCO biosphere reserve.