Manaus – Amazon

The Amazonas state is located in the middle of Brazilian’s Northern Region having the largest equatorial forest in the world. The climate is tropical, hot and humid, with average temperatures of 31.4°C (56.5°F), the rainy season is from December to May and Rio Negro (Black River) reaches its highest level in June and its lowest in September. The vegetation is dense and heterogeneous, comprising of a fantastic biodiversity, it hides species unknown by science yet, and covers 90% of all area of the Amazonas States.

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Explore the wonders of the Brazilian Amazon!

Manaus, whose name originated from the Manaos Indians, which inhabited the region, is situated on the left bank of the Rio Negro, close to the meeting of the waters with Rio Solimões (Solimões River) waters. The point where the Rio Negro meets the Rio Solimões leads a spectacular phenomenon. The black water of the Negro River runs side by side with the creamy coloured water of the Solimões River for about 4 to 6 kilometers without mixing, due to the different water characteristics (temperature – density – speed), before forming the magnificent Amazon River. Ecotourism is a fast growing niche type of tourism.

There are several ways to see the wonders of the Amazon: hotels, lodges and boat tours. We consider that the best way to see and enjoy nature, especially on the amazing waterways of the Amazon, is to be agile in this wonderful environment and to be always in the midst of the jungle, especially at dawn and dusk. Please see below for further accommodation details

Where to Stay

Anavilhanas Jungle LodgeAnavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Small, exclusive & in the heart of the jungle

Resting next to the world’s largest fresh water archipelago, the Lodge is blessed with the sounds, smells and mysteries of the Amazon Jungle. Nested within a vast stretch of untouched rainforest, you will experience the perfect balance between Nature and comfort, adventure and peace.

Ariau Jungle Towers HotelAriau Jungle Towers Hotel

Beautiful scenery & pristine landscapes

Nestled in the lush treetops of the Amazon Rainforest, Ariau Amazon Towers is one of the most breathtaking vacation destinations on the planet. Our Amazon Jungle hotel resort is located 35 miles (60km) northwest of the city of Manaus.

Amazon Clipper Premium

Cruise the Amazon in luxury

For anyone who enjoys the comfort of a luxury boat, the “Amazon Clipper” is the perfect choice. In the Premium category, all passengers are hosted in spacious apartments with two beds side by side or one queen size.

The boat contains 4 decks, on the main deck are 8 Cabins, on the 2nd deck you find 8 cabins and a window-lined dining room (air-conditioned) who seats all passengers leisurely at same time. The 3rd deck is a fully entertainment area, air-conditioned lectures room with library and tv/dvd, a bar with plenty of comfortable seating, as well as a large covered area for outdoor sightseeing, whirlpools and outdoor showers for refreshing and relaxing. The last deck is a spacious sundeck with a fantastic 360° panoramic view. The Premium hosts all guests in 16 spacious all-outside cabins (14m²…15,75m²), with lower beds or one queen size bed, private bathroom facilities with hot shower, individual air-conditioning and safety box.