Jaguar Photo Safari + Cosmopolitan Cities & Magnificent Waterfalls

Cosmopolitan Cities, Magnificent Waterfalls, Wildlife Tour. Individual Tour: São Paulo / Iguaçu Falls / Cuiabá – Pantanal / Rio de Janeiro / Búzios.

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Once you have cleared any formalities, you will be met by one of our representatives and taken to
the Hotel Royal Jardins. The driving time from GRU airport to the hotel is about 1hr. Since your
flight arrives in São Paulo about 7:35am we have provided an early check in at the Hotel.

  • Royal Jardins Boutique Hotel – 1 night
  • Alameda Jau, 729 – Jardim Paulista
  • São Paulo – Brazil. 01420 – 001

Afternoon half day visit to Vila Madalena & surroundings:
Vila Madalena is known for its bohemian style, modernity, and also graffiti, specifically Beco do
Batman. But the Village, as locals like to call the neighborhood, also has street art in most
streets protected by trees. Another alley worth exploring is Beco do Aprendiz.

Beco do Batman
This alley is covered in street art. The walls of the houses are composed of a mixture between
paintings and plants. In this alley all graffiti is done after permission of the owner. Entrance is at
Harmonia Street and ends at Medeiros de Albuquerque Street.The street art began in the 1980s, when a comic-book cartoon was found on the walls of the neighbourhood. The event attracted students of arts, who began to make drawings of cubist and psychedelic influence on the walls of the Alley, completely covering them. Back to the hotel. Overnight


After breakfast your local guide will pick you up and take you to GRU International airport where
you will fly to Iguaçu Falls. On arrival in Iguaçu, once you have cleared any formalities, you will be
met by one of our representatives and taken to the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas. Rest of the day at
leisure to enjoy the hotel facilities and explore the Brazilian side on your own. Meals: Breakfast
Your flight to Iguaçu is operated by GOL airlines leaving GRU at 10:10hs arriving IGU at 11:55hs

  • Belmond Das Cataratas Deluxe Room – 2 nights
  • Rodovia Br 469, Km 32, Iguaçu National Park
  • Foz do Iguaçu – Brazil. 85855-750

The Hotel Belmond Das Cataratas is a traditional style residence, part of the Orient Express group
and the only hotel located within the Iguaçu National Park, right by the waterfalls. Surrounded by
tropical foliage, this hotel is ideally located to take strolls along the river, enjoying the breathtaking
beauty of the falls and spotting wildlife. The facilities and decoration are stylish and comfortable with classic Portuguese dark-wood furniture and colorful accents. The rooms and suites have wooden floors and are all equipped with cable TV, air-conditioning, telephone and safety box. The hotel has a large swimming pool, tennis courts, shops and a spa. It offers also 2 restaurants which serve delicious local cuisine and international food. The Brazilian side of the falls offers a panoramic view of the myriad of small and deep waterfalls created as the course of the river swings changing direction. The waterfalls are located inside the
Iguaçu National Park, one of the first protected natural areas in America, declared Natural
Patrimony of Humankind by UNESCO. Here one can admire the breathtaking 275 cascades which
spread across a gulf of nearly 2 miles and pour past lush tropical vines as they crash into the river.


Your private tour will start in the morning after your breakfast when you are met by your guide at
9:00hrs and cross the Tancredo Neves Bridge with its lovely view of the Iguazú Canyon en route to
the Iguazú National Park in Argentina. There are many vantage points and forest trails, making
today a wonderful experience of nature at her best. The trip will take you around the area’s
boarded, jungle clad walkways and will be taken at your own pace. The trip starts from the Visitor
Centre where you will board a small train that takes you slowly to the paths. Your trip will include
the magnificent ‘’Devil’s Throat’’, the most powerful singular fall at Iguazú, as well as walking both
the upper and lower circuits, and it will last approximately seven hours, including the time taken to
cross the border. Meals: Breakfast


If you want to explore further, we can arrange a half-day tour boat ride to the base of the falls. The
Macuco Safari boat office is located on the Brazilian side. Here national conservation and Iguaçu
National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) work together to promote sustainability, always
looking to minimize the impacts to nature, in a commitment to constant social and environmental
How to get there?
You can use either the (hotel) shuttle van or the double deck shuttle bus from the Park (both for
free) leaving your hotel towards the main gate…it takes about 7 mins until you get to the Macuco
Safari bus stop at the Brazilian side.

If you take the Macuco Safari you are likely to get wet. Some of those who choose to do it find it
best to wear a swimsuit or swimming shorts; others prefer to wear waterproof jackets or ponchos.
Please take care of glasses/sunglasses and avoid taking cameras or put them in a secure waterproof
bag. You’re required to show your passport before beginning this activity for insurance purposes.
For those who prefer something a little more relaxing, the hotel has a spa offering a range of
treatments and massages. It’s equally relaxing to spend an afternoon by the pool soaking up the
sun or enjoy a cocktail at the poolside bar.

Your local guide will pick you up at 15:30hs and transfer you in private to the airport to meet your
flight to Cuiabá/Pantanal. On arrival into Cuiabá you will be met by Eugenio who will take care
of you the entire time you are staying in the Pantanal. Meals: Breakfast

Your flight to Cuiabá is operated by GOL airlines leaving IGU at 18:00hs arriving in CGB at 22:00hs.

  • On arrival in Cuiabá you will be transferred to the Hotel Slavieiro. The hotel is located just about
    10mins from the airport. Overnight
  • Hotel Slavieiro Slim STD room – 1 night
  • Av. Joao Ponce de Arruda, 860 – Centro
  • Varzea Grande – Cuiabá – Brazil. 78110 – 375


After breakfast we will drive to Aymara Lodge for a couple of nights. The Lodge is located 128
km/79mi from Cuiabá and 10 km/7 mi from Poconé – Northern Mato Grosso – Brazil. It is the second
Lodge on the Transpantaneira Highway. The driving time from Cuiabá to the Lodge is about 2
1/2hrs. Meals: Breakfast

  • Aymara Lodge STD room – 2 nights
  • Av. Transpantaneira Km 25

The Pantanal was declared a World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2000. The
Pantanal’s vast expanse of wet marshlands and dry islands is South America’s primary wildlife
sanctuary. Its name derives from the Portuguese word pantano, meaning “swamp”. With rhythmic
regularity this vast depression in the center of South America floods with the annual rains
submerging most of its environs. As the waters recede during the dry season, they leave a mosaic of
pools and marshes where a plethora of life flourishes in intense concentration. Some 3.500
different plants thrive here, and the Pantanal is home of 10 million caiman, 650 bird species, 400
kinds of fish, myriads of reptiles and amphibians, and more than 100 mammal species. Wandering
the nature trails around the lodge, we get our first sense of the wondrous natural environs that
await our exploration. Afternoon at leisure to enjoy your free time at the swimming pool + horse ride (included)


Lodge Activities with the following optional tours: trecks, canoe, horse riding, night safari and
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


After breakfast, depart to Porto Jofre via the Transpantaneira Highway (about 3 hs driving) which
traverses some of the best wildlife viewing areas in the ecosystem. Along this remote road that
crosses 123 bridges, we search for caiman, capybara, giant anteater, anaconda, jabiru stork,
macaws and more. Our destination is the Hotel Pantanal Norte at Porto Jofre where the highway
ends at the Cuiabá river – an important port for transporting cattle and agricultural products from
the Pantanal along the road artery back to Poconé and beyond. On arrival at the hotel we will have
lunch (included). Covering 75,000 square miles across Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, the Pantanal is the world’s largest wetland. It contains 12 different subregional ecosystems including semi-arid woodland and tropical savanna. We’ll hope to see some of the region’s threatened species including giant armadillo and capybara, plus spectacular birdlife. While their habitat is under duress due to expansion of
ranching, mining and farming, it is reassuring to know our presence contributes to the economic
value of conserving this incomparable wildlife realm. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Hotel Porto Jofre Pantanal Norte STD room – 2 nights
  • Estrada Transpantaneira, Km 145 Pantanal Norte – Brazil. 78175 000

After lunch, we set out in small boat on our first jaguar watch, scanning the riverbanks for glimpses
of the stealthy cats from our open skiff. This region has the highest density of jaguars in the entire
Pantanal, and our odds of seeing them excellent, especially from mid–June to mid-November. The
Jaguar – the largest wild cat in the Americas – is the top predator in the ecosystem, drawn to the
abundance of food sources that thrive there. End of the afternoon return to the hotel. Overnight.


After breakfast we set out one more time on our second Jaguar and also giant otter search. We will
look for them and a multitude of other Pantanal species, including caiman, capybara, Brazilian tapir,
sloth and monkeys on a private morning excursion. Outings along the river also reveal scores of
waterbirds, reptiles and plant species that thrive in the sprawling mosaic of lakes, lagoons and
marshes. Fish flourish in the freshwater sea, too, and, as the water level drops seasonally in the
lakes and channels, fishermen can sometimes catch dorado, pacu and traira by hand. Birds large
and small fly overhead and feed at eye level. Return to the hotel by 12:00. Afternoon at leisure.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


After breakfast we leave Porto Jofre area for the city of Cuiabá + flight to Rio. The driving time will
be about 5 hours.

  • Our flight to Rio is operated by GOL airlines leaving Cuiabá at 17:15hs arriving in Rio at 22:15hs.
    On arrival in Rio you will have a private transfer to the hotel Praia Ipanema.
  • Hotel Praia Ipanema Superior Room Class – 4 nights
  • Av Vieira Souto, 706 – Ipanema Rio de Janeiro – Brazil


Welcome Briefing & Introduction to surroundings After breakfast and at the appropriate time for you, your local guide will take you on a walk to introduce you to the surrounding areas of your hotel so that you can get your bearings. It is also an opportunity for your guide to provide advice, explain your program, answer questions, and direct you to local amenities such as the nearest supermarket, metro station, bus stop, pharmacy or anything else you may need. This short introduction (up to one hour) will help with your orientation so that you can feel confident to be on your own afterwards. Meals: Breakfast


This tour takes you first to Rio’s most famous site, the Corcovado Mountain and its statue of Christ
the Redeemer. You will take the train up Corcovado Mountain to gain a closer view of the statue of
Christ the Redeemer and for a superb view of the city. You will also visit the Escadaria Selarón, also
known as the ‘Selarón Steps’, a set of world-famous steps in Rio de Janeiro. They are the work of
Chilean-born artist Jorge Selarón who claimed it as “my tribute to the Brazilian people”. The
Escadaria Selarón, 125 meters of steps covered in bright tile, is a product of sheer determination by
Selarón and they are a source of inspiration for the neighborhood.You then continue to visit the Metropolitan Cathedral and the famous Cafeteria Colombo where we
will stop for lunch.

Cafeteria Colombo Inaugurated on September 17th– 1894 by the Portuguese Joaquim Borges de
Meirelles and José Manoel Lebrão, the Colombo Bakery is part of the Historical and Artistic Heritage
of Rio de Janeiro as the ultimate symbol representing the belle epoque in the city.
It is a bakery, a pastry shop, a tea room and a restaurant. Colombo is a well known traditional
eating place since 1894. It is considered one of the most famous pastry houses in the world,
rendering services to politicians, famous people, jet set personalities, soccer players and to
uncountable numbers of Brazilian and foreign visitors to Rio. The present site was built in 1912, as it
was located elsewhere before. Despite the fact that it was acquired by a business group from the
State of Minas Gerais, the traditional characteristics of the house are being respected.
Wonderfully decorated, the large mirrors were brought from Antwerp. Although some mirrors were
broken during the sea voyage, some survived and now decorate the restaurant. The heavy furniture
carved in Jacaranda wood, together with the hydrographic glazed tiles and the skylight merge into a
harmonious art-nouveau assemblage.

Then we will continue towards the Sugar Loaf. The height and unmistakable outline of Sugar Loaf
makes it, together with Christ the Redeemer, one of the two main attractions offering breathtaking
views of Rio. Its name is said to refer to its resemblance to the traditional shape of concentrated
refined loaf sugar. This famous landmark is reached by cable car in two stages: first stop at Urca Hill
at 236 meters/774 ft, where visitors will have a special view to the beaches of Botafogo and
Flamengo. Then we will take the second stage cable car to the summit of Sugar Loaf at 396 meters/
1299 ft above sea level. From the top we will see the endless beaches of Rio de Janeiro and Niteroi
stretching to the horizon. Set against the lush Atlantic Rainforest, the scene is dotted with historical
buildings such as the Santa Cruz Fort and the miniature palace on Fiscal Island. Return to the hotel
after the tour. Meals: Breakfast


Each of the 141 hectares of Rio’s Botanical Gardens shelters outstanding examples of plantlife from
Brazil and all over the world. The Imperial Palms are among its most spectacular attractions,
planted in 1809 by Prince Regent D. João VI. Huge trees decked with orchids contrast with giant victoria-regia, lilies, bromeliads, royal poincianas and tropical foliage, making the Botanical Gardens
a favorite hideaway for nature-lovers, sweethearts and all those seeking peace and tranquility.
Meals: Breakfast


After breakfast you will be collected from the Hotel Praia Ipanema in time for the journey to your
hotel in Búzios, the Boutique Hotel Vila da Santa, for a three-night stay.
Meals: Breakfast

  • Boutique Hotel Vila da Santa – 01 Premium Suite TPL – 3 nights
  • Praça Eugênio Honold, 173 – Village de Búzios, Búzios – RJ, 28950-000


Recommendations for your free time. Búzios is easy to explore by hiring a buggy or bicycle – your hotel can help you make the arrangements. Alternatively, join a shared half-day trip around the peninsula in a comfortabletruck, stopping to stroll along beaches, take in ocean views from various lookouts and learn about the peninsula’s plant life. It’s also possible to reach seven beaches by water taxi for a few reais. Try Joao Fernandes if you want bars and the option to hire kayaks.

You could take a day trip from Cabo Frio, exploring circumnavigating the islands by schooner. Or, go
diving at Arraial do Cabo, considered by Jacques Cousteau to be the third-best dive site in Brazil.
There are lots of watersports you can try out here, including sailing, windsurfing, sea kayaking and
surfing (surf lessons are available). You could also charter a fishing boat, hire a Zodiac to discover
more of the coastline, or board a fully crewed yacht for the day.

On dry land, you could go horse riding, do a spot of shopping on Rua das Pedras, or indulge in a
massage or beauty treatment. Your hotel is located right on Ossos Beach (Praia dos Ossos) but you can walk for 10 mins to Azeda & Azedinha beaches. Chairs, beach umbrellas and refreshment service are all provided on the beach, but you ́ll find not much English spoken so it ́s worth having a phrasebook.
Along with water taxis and boat trips to hidden beaches and islands, we recommend taking a stroll
from your hotel to Buzios township where you will find a big variety of restaurants, charming
stores, galleries and cafés of this busy and colorful street, or head to one of the bars here that come
alive after dark.

Experience the red sands of Praia do Forno on the eastern peninsula. This side is less crowded and
more enclosed, so the water is easy to swim in (though the sands can get quite hot). The
surrounding cliffs cast some shade in the late afternoon and there’s a small snack hut, but no other
facilities. The cove is great for snorkeling, or you can sit up on the rocks and spot turtles coming up
for air every few minutes. Praia da Tartaruga is also a good beach to visit for turtle watching.

If you ́re relaxing on Joao Fernandes beach you could dine at A Pomba restaurant. Other beaches

offer kiosks and bars from which to order grilled anchovies, snapper, shrimp and squid. There are
several options at the left-hand corner of Ferradura Beach – try Samucas Bar or Fishbone Cafe at
Geribá, or Bar dos Pescadores in Manguinhos. Meals: Breakfast


Free day.
Meals: Breakfast


Today you will need to prepare for your departure for your international return flight. At 10am you
will be collected from your hotel and transferred in private to Rio de Janeiro city airport SDU where
you will fly to São Paulo and then to Dallas. Meals: Breakfast
Your flight to São Paulo is operated by Latam airlines leaving Rio at 15:30hs arriving in GRU16:40hs.
Price of all services for your Family of 3 people = TBC U$ american dollars

What’s included?

  • All transport as stated in the itinerary
  • 3 internal flights
  • All airport transfers
  • All accommodation on a selected basis
  • Breakfast daily except in Pantanal Lodges which is breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Entrance tickets where applicable
  • Private tours
  • The services of your Rionative Tour Operator
  • Expert, bilingual, native guides
  • Tours and excursions included as stated (unless optional with a local payment)
  • I will be your Guide in Rio & Cuiaba/Pantanal as a driver-guide

Not included:

  • International flights
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Lunches and evening meals (unless otherwise stated)
  • Personal expenses, beverages, tips and laundry services